Pain Management

Epimed manufactures Racz® Catheters, epidural introducer needles, such as the RX-2™, Coudé® Blunt Nerve Block Needles, specialty needles, standard needles, and radiation safety.


Offering innovative products designed for performing accurate and effective RF procedures, our products include the R-F™ Cannula, grounding pads, and thermocouples.



The PainBlocker™ provides pain relief in interventional pain settings by cryoanalgesia. The Joule-Thomson effect used in the PainBlocker™ is able to achieve temperatures as low as -70°C.

Regional Anesthesia

Over 30 years ago, our foundation started in regional anesthesia with the invention of spring wound catheter technology and the development of the Wiley Spinal®.

Physician Services

We offer a variety of physician services such as reimbursement assistance, physician education, patient information, and technique guides.

Product Manufacturing

Epimed International product manufacturing is well known throughout the medical community for its commitment to quality and customer service, and we can apply these same principles to help you develop and adapt new and existing products to meet your needs.

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About Us

Epimed is a development, design, manufacturing, and distribution company creating innovative medical products for over 30 years.

Epimed’s focus is to provide effective specialty devices at a high quality in the areas of pain management and regional anesthesia.

In 1985, Epimed International was developed in Lubbock, TX by Gabor J. Racz. It was created in an effort to promote the Racz® Catheter System. This system is used to perform the procedure called Epidural Lysis of Adhesions, also know as the Racz® Procedure. Consolidation of manufacturing, sales and distribution for the Racz® Catheter system and other specialty products occurred in the early 1990’s.

With the manufacturing plant in Johnstown, NY and a facility in the Dallas, TX, we maintain an elite quality system designed to conform to the US FDA QSR contained with 21 CFR 820, certified to ISO 13485:2012 and CMDR SOR/98-282. We are a worldwide resource for OEM manufacturing, developing safe specialty products for small scale to several Fortune 500 companies within a number of medical specialties around the globe.

We support continuing education of physicians, develop and sponsor clinical studies. We also participate in local, national and international meetings and workshops.

Event Calendar

OHSIPP First Annual Meeting @ Westin Hotel
Aug 25 – Aug 28 all-day
OHSIPP First Annual Meeting @ Westin Hotel | Cincinnati | Ohio | United States

We ​would ​like ​to ​welcome ​you ​to ​an ​exciting ​new ​interventional ​pain ​meeting ​planned ​for ​Ohio ​in ​August ​2017, ​the ​First ​Annual ​Meeting ​of ​the ​Ohio ​Society ​of ​Interventional ​Pain ​Physicians ​(OHSIPP). ​OHSIPP ​has ​been ​in ​existence ​for ​over ​10 ​years ​and ​this ​meeting ​will ​invite ​participation ​from ​all ​the ​six ​academic ​pain ​fellowship ​programs ​in ​Ohio ​plus ​academic ​and ​private ​practice ​physicians ​from ​across ​the ​US. ​We ​hope ​to ​foster ​a ​collegial ​environment ​where ​all ​the ​academic ​pain ​fellowships ​can ​interact ​and ​share ​ideas ​with ​other ​academic ​and ​private ​physicians.

Lecture ​Topics ​Include
Business ​of ​Pain ​Medicine, ​Spinal ​Injections ​and ​Complications, ​Neuromodulation, ​Opioids, ​Advanced ​Techniques, ​Medical ​Marijuana, ​Practice ​Management, ​Regenerative ​Medicine, ​and ​Hands-on ​Ultrasound ​Workshop

Keynote ​Presentation
Opioid ​Crisis ​as ​Observed ​by ​Author ​While ​Writing ​His ​Book, ​Dreamland, ​by ​Sam ​Quinones

Bourbon ​Tasting ​
Friday, ​August ​25th ​Welcome ​and ​Social ​Event

Book ​your ​Room ​at ​the ​Westin ​Cincinnati ​at ​Reduced ​Group ​Rates!

Pain School International – Course 3
Aug 25 – Aug 27 all-day
Pain School International - Course 3 @ Budapest | Hungary

Pain School International was created by a group of highly regarded pain physicians from around the world.  It is providing a training program for pain management.


Who is it for:  It is designed to train physicians who have no formal pain education in their countries, and for those who wish to strengthen their skills in interventional pain management. The curriculum provides comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of chronic pain from the basics to advanced pain treatment.


What/when is the program:  Four sequential, focused, weekend workshops and live patient demos are designed to train doctors in a wide range of pain procedures, with time in between each session to apply the freshly learned skills to their own practice.  The sessions will be in May, June, August and November, in Budapest.


How does it tie in to WIP:  The course is designed as initial training, and therefore complementary to the World Institute of Pain (WIP) administered review courses.  It aims to prepare and channel physicians to eventually participate in the examination and to earn the prestigious title of Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP).


Who are the faculty:  The faculty at Pain School International are highly experienced, both as practitioners and as teachers, and they share a great passion for improving pain management worldwide. They are accessible at the interactive lectures, in the lab, on-line, and during breaks, because our goal is not just to inform, but also to inspire.

The 22nd Annual Gabor Racz Advanced Interventional Budapest Pain Conference and Workshop @ Semmelweis University Labs
Aug 28 – Sep 1 all-day
The 22nd Annual Gabor Racz Advanced Interventional Budapest Pain Conference and Workshop @ Semmelweis University Labs | Budapest | Hungary

The 22nd Annual Gabor Racz Advanced Interventional Budapest Pain Conference and Workshops has set the dates. It is going to be in Budapest, Hungary on August 28th, 29th and 30th 2017. The program director is Gabor B. Racz M.D, ABIPP, FIPP, Workshop Director is Miles Day M.D, FIPP and the Ultrasound Organizer is Agnes Stogicza M.D, FIPP, and CIPS.

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