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Company Overview

At Epimed, we focus on developing solutions for experts in Pain Management, Regional Anesthesia and OEM manufacturing. Our main focus is to provide high-quality, effective products to assist with the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Epimed International is a world-wide resource for OEM manufacturing with sites located in upstate New York and Dallas, Texas.  Developing specialty devices and services for small scale innovators to Fortune 500 companies with an increasing customer base in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Epimed supports continuing education of physicians with a focus on patient safety and also participates in local, national, and international meetings and workshops. Epimed has been a lifetime contributor in live surgeries and workshops to help physicians treat chronic and acute pain while developing and sponsoring clinical studies.

With our methodology, we work in close collaboration with innovative physicians. We refine and design from expert feedback, whether it being new devices or an evolution of an existing product.

Gabor J. Racz


Sandor Racz

Executive Vice President

Bruce Whitcavitch

Vice President of Manufacturing

Steve Loretz

VP of Sales and Marketing

Meredith George

Director of Physician Services

Preston Frasier

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

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