Site Specific Epidurals Articles

Percutaneous Epidural Lysis of Adhesions in Chronic Lumbar Radicular Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Author(s): Gerdesmeyer L, Wagenpfeil S, Birkenmaier C, Veihelmann A,  Hauschild M, Wagner K, Al Muderis M, Gollwitzer H, Diehl P, Toepfer
Pain Physician 2013; 16:185-196
Published: May 2013


A Comparative Effectiveness of Evaluation of Percutaneous Adhesiolysis and Epidural Steroid Injections in Managing Lumbar Post Surgery Syndrome:  A Randomized Equivalence Controlled Trial
Author(s): Manchikanti L, Singh V, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 12: E355-E368
Published: December 2009


Epidural neuroplasty vs physiotherapy to relieve pain in patients with sciatica: A prospective randomized blinded clinical trial
Author(s): Veihelmann A, Devens C, Trouillier H, et al
Summary: Journal of Orthopedic Science, 11: 365-369
Published: July 2006


Hyaluronidase: A review of approved formulations, indications and off label use in chronic pain management
Author(s): Dunn A, Heavner JE, Racz GB, Day M
Summary: Exp Opinion on Bio Ther, 10: 127-131
Published: 2010


One Day Lumbar Epidural Adhesiolysis and Hypertonic Saline Neurolysis in Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain:  A Randomized, Double-Blind Trial
Author(s): Manchikanti L, Rivera J, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 7: 177-186
Published: April 2004


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Blunt Needle Nerve Block Articles

The Role of Fluoroscopic Interlaminar Epidural Injections in Managing Chronic Pain of Lumbar Disc Herniation or Radiculitis:  A Randomized Double-Blind Trial
Author(s): Manchikanti L Singh V, Cash KA, Pampati V, Falco FJ
Summary: Pain Practice, 2013 Sept; 13 (7): 547-58
Published: September 2013


 Author(s): Atluri S, Glaser SE, Shah R, Sudarshan G
Summary: Pain Physician, Volume 16: 321-334
Published: July 2013


Author(s): Falco FJ, Datta S, Manchikanti L, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 15 (6) E839-68
Published: December 2012


Author(s): Falco FJ, Datta S, Manchikanti L, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 15 (6) E807-38
Published: December 2012


Author(s): Falco FJ, Datta S, Manchikanti L, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 15(6) E869-907
Published: December 2012


Author(s): Falco FJ, Datta S, Manchikanti L, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 15 (6) E909-953
Published: December 2012


Author(s): Manchikanti L, Cash KA, McManus CD, Pampati V
Summary: J Pain Res. 2012; 5: 381-90
Published: October 2012


Author(s): Manchikanti L, Cash KA, McManus CD, Pampati V
Summary: J Pain Res. 2012; 5:301-11
Published: August 2012


Author(s): Manchikanti L, Singh V, Falco FJ, Cash KA, Pampati V, Fellows B
Summary: Anesthesiol Res Prac; 2012
Published: July 2012


Author(s): Schneider GM, Jull G, Thomas K, Salo P
Summary: Man Ther. 2012 April; 17(2): 180-3
Published: April 2012


Author(s): Scanlon G, Romanowsky S, Schulteis G, Wallace M
Summary: AAPM 21st Annual Mtg
Published: 2011


Author(s): Hernández-García JM1, Reina MA, Prats-Galino A, De Andrés JA.
Summary: Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Volume 36, Number 3, 2011
Published: May/June 2011


Author(s): Smuck M, Leung D
Summary: SPINE, Volume 26, Number 3, pp E220-E223
Published: February 2011


Author(s): Candido KD, Ghaly RF, Mackerley S, Knezevic NN
Summary: South Med J. 2010 Jul; 103(7):679-82
Published: July 2010


Author(s): Smuck M, Yu AJ, Tang Chi-Tsai, Zemper E
Summary: The Spine Journal, 10 (2010), 364-371
Published: May 2010


Author(s): Glaser SE, Shah RV.
Summary: Pain Physician, 2010; 13:237-244, ISSN 1533-3159
Published: April 22 2010


Author(s): Smuck M, Tang CT, Fuller BJ
Summary: SPINE, Volume 34, Number 21, pp E751-7-55
Published: 2009


Author(s): Racz GB, Heavner JE.
Summary: Pain Pratice, Vol. 8, Issue 5, 2008: 399-403
Published:  August 6 2008


Author(s): Lee JH, Lee JK, Seo BR, Moon SJ, Kim JH, Kim SH.
Summary: Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Volume 33, No. 4 2008
Published: 2008


Author(s): Gilbert K, Brismée JM, Collins DL, James CR, Shah RV, Sawyer SF, Sizer PS Jr.
Summary: SPINE Volume 32, Number 14
Published: November 14, 2007


Author(s): Scanlon GC, Moeller-Bertram T, Romanowsky SM, Wallace MS.
Summary: SPINE Volume 32, Number 11
Published:  2007


Author(s): Harney DF, Shaikhani J, Van Zunder J, Van Kleep M
Summary: Regional Anesthesia and Medicine, Vol 30, No. 2, pp 206-212
Published: 2005


Author(s): Glaser SE, Falco F.
Summary: Pain Physician, 2005; 8:309-314, ISSN 1533-3159
Published: June 19 2005


Author(s): Shah RV, Merritt W, Collins D, Racz GB.
Summary: Demonstration of a Technique
Published: June 15 2005


Author(s): Huntoon M
Summary: Pain 117, 2005; 104-111
Published: May 27, 2005


Author(s): Gorback MS, MD, Derby R, MS
Summary: Pain Physician, Volume 8, pp149-150
Published: January 2005


Author(s): Lofsky AS
Summary: APSF Newsletter, Volume 20, No.3, 2005
Published: 2005


Author(s): Heavner JE, Racz GB, Jenigiri B, Lehman T, Day MR.
Summary: Pain Practice, Vol.3, Issue 3; 2003: 226-231
Published: November 17 2003


Author(s): Lirk P, Kolbitsch C, Putz G, Colvin J, Colvin HP, Lorenz I, Keller C, Kirchmair L, Rieder J, Moriggl B.
Summary: Anesthesiology, Vol. 99, No. 6, 2003; 99:1387-90
Published: August 7, 2003


Author(s): Furman MB, Giovanniello MT, O’Brien EM.
Summary: SPINE, Volume 28, No.1, 2003
Published: 2003


Author(s): Houten JK, Errico TJ.
Summary: The Spine Journal, 2002: 70-75
Published: April 23, 2003


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Radiofrequency Articles

Ultrasound-guided pulsed radiofrequency ablation of the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve for treatment of intractable orchalgia
Author(s): Terkawi AS, Romdhane K
Summary: Saudi J Anesth. 8(2): 294-298
Published: Apr-Jun 2014


Long-term Follow-up of Cervical Facet Medial Branch Radiofrequency Treatment With the Single Posterior-lateral Approach: An Exploratory Study
Author(s): Van Eerd M, de Meij N, Dortangs E, Kessels A, van Zundert J, Lataster A, Patijn J, van Kleef M.
Summary: Pain Practice
Published: 2013


A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of transdiscal radiofrequency, biacuplasty for treatment of discogenic lower back pain.
Author(s): Kapural L, Vrooman B, Sarwar S, Krizanac-Bengez L, Rauck R, Gilmore C, North J, Girgis G, Mekhail N
Summary: Pain Medicine, (3):362-73
Published: 2013


Sacroiliac joint pain: a comprehensive review of epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment
Author(s): Cohen SP, Chen Y, Neufeld NJ.
Summary: Expert Rev Neurother, (1):99-116
Published: 2013


Use of cooled radiofrequency lateral branch neurotomy for the treatment of sacroiliac joint-mediated low back pain: a large case series.
Author(s): Stelzer W, Aiglesberger M, Stelzer D, Stelzer V
Summary: Pain Medicine, (1):29-35
Published: 2013


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Spinal Cord Stimulation Articles

Author(s): Lynch PJ, McJunkin T, Erosse E, Gooch S, Maloney J
Summary: Neuromodulation, 14(1) 58-61
Published: 2011


Author(s): Graybill J, Conermann T, Kabazie AJ
Summary: Pain Physician, 14(5) 441-445
Published: 2011


Author(s): Goroszeniuk T, Sanderson K
Summary: Investigacion, Clinica & Terapeutica, Vol 15, Sup III, 32
Published: 2000


Author(s); Pembrook E
Summary: Anesthesiology News, 30
Published: 1998


Author(s): Devulder J, De Laat M, Van Bastelaera M, Rolly G
Summary: J Pain Symptoms, (5) 296-301
Published: 1997


Trial Spinal Cord Stimulation via Stimulating Epidural Catheter
Author(s): Racz TA, McDaniel KE, Racz GB
Summary: Current Review of Pain, Vol 1 5:383-398
Published: 1997


Prospective Spinal Cord Stimulation Treatment Outcome Study
Author(s): Diede J, Racz GB, Randolph P, Fletcher D, Heavner JE
Summary: International Assoc for the Study of Pain, 8th World Congress Abstract
Published: 1996


Upper Cervical Lead Placement for Spinal Cord Stimulation Using Percutaneous Leads:  Trends, Issues and Techniques in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Author(s): Racz, GB
Summary: Concept Paper
Published: 1993


Assessment of Spinal Cord Stimulation Using a Racz Catheter
Author(s): Grazotti PJ, Goucke CR
Summary: International Neuromodulation Society, 1st Int’l Congress
Published: 1992


Electrical Stimulation Analgesia
Author(s): Racz GB, Lewis R, Laros G, Heavner JE
Summary: Practical Management of Pain, 2nd Edition
Published: 1992


Author(s): Spaziante R, Ferone A, Cappabianca P
Summary: Appl Neurophysiol, 49 (1-2) 1-3
Published: 1986

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Radiation Safety Articles

Fluroscopy Radiation Safety for Spine Interventional Pain Procedures in University Teaching Hospitals
Author(s): Zhou Y, Singh N, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 8:49-53
Published: 2005


Radiation Doses in Interventional Radiology Procedures: The RAD-IR Study, Part 1: Overall Measures of Dose
Author(s): Miller DL, Balther S, Cole PE, Lu HT, Schueler BA, Geisinger M, Berenstein A, Albert R, Georgia J, Noonan PT, Cardella JF, George JS, Russell EJ, Malisch T, Vogelzang RL, Miller GL, Anderson J
Summary: J Vasc Interv Radiol 14: 711-727
Published: 2003


Does the Endovascular Repair of Aortiliac Aneurysms Pose a Radiation Safety Hazard to Vascular Surgeons?
Author(s): Lipsitz E, Veith F, et al
Summary: J of Vascular Surg, Vol. 32, #4
Published: 2000


Potential Biological Effects Following High X-Ray Dose Interventional Procedures
Author(s): Wagner LK, Eifel PJ, Geise RA
Summary: J of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, 5:71-84
Published: 1994


Guidelines for Personnel Radiation Monitoring in the Cardiac Catherization Laboratory
Author(s): Balter S, et al
Summary: Society for Cardiac Angiography News
Published: 1993


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Interventional Pain Articles

Do Cervical Epidural Injections Provide Long-Term in Neck and Upper Extremity Pain? A Systematic Review
Author(s): Manchikanti L, Nampiaparampil DE, Candido KD, Bakshi S, Grider JS, Falco FJE, Sehgal N, Hirsch JA
Summary: Pain Physician, 18: 39-60
Published: 2015


An update of comprehensive evidence-based guidelines for interventional techniques in chronic spinal pain. PART II: guidance and recommendations.
Author(s): Manchikanti L, Abdi S, Atluri S, Benyamin RM, Boswell MV, Buenaventura RM, Bryce DA, Burks PA, Caraway DL, Calodney AK, Cash KA, Christo PJ, Cohen SP, Colson J, Conn A, Cordner H, Coubarous S, Datta S, Deer TR, Diwan S, Falco FJ, Fellows B, Geffert S, Grider JS, Gupta S, Hameed H, Hameed M, Hansen H, Helm S 2nd, Janata JW, Justiz R, Kaye AD, Lee M, Manchikanti KN, McManus CD, Onyewu O, Parr AT, Patel VB, Racz GB, Sehgal N, Sharma ML, Simopoulos TT, Singh V, Smith HS, Snook LT, Swicegood JR, Vallejo R, Ward SP, Wargo BW, Zhu J, Hirsch JA.
Summary: Pain Physician. 16: S49-S283
Published: 2013


Evidence-Based Practice guidelines for Interventional Techniques in the Management of Chronic Spinal Pain
Author(s): Manchikanti L, Staats P, Singh V, et al
Summary: Pain Physician, 6:3-81

Published: 2003

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