Product Manufacturing

Epimed Manufacturing  Services

Epimed International product manufacturing is well known throughout the medical community for its commitment to quality and customer service, and we can apply these same principles to help you develop and adapt new and existing products to meet your needs.


Epimed International offers a multitude services that can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Annealing
      Material is heated to enhance ductility, strength and corrosion resistance
  • Prototyping
      A working model of a device or system is made to prove a concept
      Epimed’s facilities have the full capacity to take an idea from inception to fully working model, ideal for bringing new inventions to life
  • Micro Electro Polishing
      Metal is used as an anode in an electrolytic bath, in order to remove the outermost material layer and smooth out the metal
      Allows for smoothness regardless of dimensions that does not compromise the mechanical properties of our product
  • Injection Molding
      A thermoplastic or thermoset is injected into a mold to form a part<
  • Insert Molding
      Components of various composition are encased in engineering plastic to form an assembly, creates a light weight durable system useful in high current applications, ideal for producing a large volume of identical objects in a wide range of highly customizable shapes
      Easily customizable to facilitate the rapid fire assembly of multiple components in variable patterns saving money and time
  • Extrusion
      Raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous tube or profile
      Our extrusion system allows us to create tubing of any dimension in a variety of orientations
  • Laser Drilling
      Pulse laser used to remove a layer of a material to create a small through hole
      Our setup allows for precise and accurate drilling of high-aspect ratio holes
  • Wire-cut EDM
      Material is removed from a work piece by electrical discharges created between two electrodes, allows for a smooth surface while generating very little stress in the work piece.
      Precision control of exact machining of parts, effective on parts smaller than 100µm
  • Thermal Tip Forming
      Thermal forming produces a wide variety of catheter tip shapes, both open and closed, from a multitude of different materials
      Provides resistance to deformation and consistency
  • RF Tip Forming
      Radiofrequency energy used to weld and form medical tubing with greater control over very thin sections
      Allows for the creation of necks, tips, and other small features also ensures consistency and minimizes down time
  • Pad Printing
      The unique properties of silicone are utilized to take an image from a flat plane and deliver it to an array of surfaces such as concave, convex and angled planes
  • Precision Spring Winding
      A metal wire is fed between small guides to a series of grooves and edges that force the wire into a continuous coil of a precise diameter

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